Villas and Garden on Lake Maggiore

Spring is blooming on Lake Maggiore, it’s time to discover some of the most beautiful villas and gardens in Italy!

Lake Maggiore is famous for the villas and gardens that overlook its shores and that with the arrival of spring are filled with new flowers, colors and indescribable scents.

Walking through the avenues of these parks and in the corridors of ancient buildings will seem to go back in time, in a bygone era full of magic.

Here are some of the most suggestive destinations that you can visit starting from Golfo Gabella!

The gardens of Villa Taranto

With the arrival of spring Villa Taranto reopens the doors of its gardens where you can discover numerous plants and flowers from all over the world walking through 16 hectares of park and 7 km of avenues. In fact, in the gardens there are a total of about 20,000 different species of plants, some of which are very rare, which make this Villa unique.

Not to be missed: the Avenue of the Conifers, the Fontana dei Putti, the Labyrinth of the Dahlies, the greenhouses and the terraced gardens with the water features and the Mausoleum of the Scottish captain Neil Boyd Watson McEacharn, who turned these gardens into a real work of art.

Isole Borromee

Famous and that worth a visit is also the archipelago of the Borromean Islands that since the eighteenth century has attracted Italian and foreign characters, such as Ernest Hemingway.

Isola Bella amazes visitors with Palazzo Borromeo famous for its noble halls and rooms, for the caves covered with shells and for the terraced gardens dominated by the Teatro Massimo with its spectacular statues, fountains and obelisks.

Isola Madre, the largest of the three, houses an immense English botanical garden where you can get lost walking among rare species from all over the world accompanied by colorful peacocks.

On the Isola dei Pescatori you can stroll through the pretty alleys, buy local handicrafts and delight your palate in one of the many restaurants.

Parco Pallavicino

Last, but not least, is the park of Villa Pallavicino,  famous for its Flower Garden with always new blooms throughout the summer, but especially renowned for its Zoological Park.

This real wildlife museum born in the 50s hosts over 50 species of mammals and birds from all over the world, such as the Lama, the Chilean Flamingo, the Bennet’s Kangaroo or the Alpaca.

Together with these animals there are also wild specimens saved by the forest ranger that would not survive if left in the wild. In addition, thanks to the Farm, children can experience a unique and direct contact with goats, sheep and other animals who are always looking for a tender caress.

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