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Luino (Province of Varese)

Situated at just 5 minutes by car from Maccagno, Luino offers a nice option for a walk on its lakeside, in the streets of the old town or for some shopping. Every Wednesday the town is animated by the ancient market, the hugest of Lake Maggiore. Enjoy wandering through its stands and later stop for an aperitif in one of the cafes of the town.


Cannobio (Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola)

Enjoy a cruise on the ferry boat and discover Piedmont starting from Cannobio. The town is full of cafes, restaurants and shops. On Sunday morning Cannobio hosts its own typical market.


Locarno – Canton Ticino (Switzerland)

Up in the north of the the lake, Locarno is the biggest Swiss centre on the lake Maggiore. In addition to the casino, you’ll find cafes, trendy clubs and restaurants. In the first two weeks of August it hosts the Locarno Film Festival, a great cinematographic event in the charming Piazza Grande. Street performances, shops late openings and live concerts enliven this enchanting town. Very close to Locarno you can find the little town of Ascona that offers a nice option, as well.


Lugano – Canton Ticino (Switzerland)

Lugano, the biggest city in the Canton of Ticino, is a centre located on Lugano Lake, about 30 minutes by car from Maccagno. Here you can find fancy boutiques and a very nice lake promenade. In the summer Lugano is characterized by numerous events, like the famous Estival Jazz. In this city you can also find a lot of nice bars, clubs and restaurants.

Santa Caterina

S. Caterina Monastery – Leggiuno (Province of Varese)

The monastery, built in the XII century, has one of the most stunning and breathtaking lake view on Lake Maggiore. It can be reached by boat from the lake, climbing a 80-steps panoramic stairway up; or by car and then climbing 240-steps down. Alternatively, a lift in the rock is available.


Borromean Islands – Stresa and Verbania (Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola)

The Borromean islands constitute a precious archipelago nearly Piedmont coastline. The group is formed by Isola Bella, which houses the Borromeo palace with its beautiful gardens, Isola Pescatori, with its charming alleys and the market, and Isola Madre, known for its botanical garden rich in rare plants.

Villa Taranto Verbania

Villa Taranto botanical gardens – Verbania (Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola)

Important botanical garden on the Lake Maggiore. In this garden you can find an interesting variety of flowers and plants from all over the world, thus forming a vast and rare collection. The botanical heritage includes: 1000 non-natives plants and approx. 20 000 varieties and species to crown the historic Villa Taranto structure.


Brissago Islands – Canton Ticino (Switzerland)

The Brissago islands are the two peaks of a hill carved by erosion along the ancient watershed line of the valley of Ticino and Maggia. In the garden, around 2000 species of plants are cultivated, they come from the Mediterranean areas as well as from areas with humid subtropical climate. For the little ones there is also a special treasure hunt.


Val Verzasca and Verzasca dam – Canton Ticino (Switzerland)

The Verzasca valley dam is one of the highest dam in Europe. Here you can experience the bungee jumping, throwing yourself off the Verzasca dam (200 meters high!). Driving on up the mountain from the dam you arrive to a beautiful river, famous for its green and clean water. In this place you can picnic and swim. You will also see an ancient roman bridge. Don’t miss the wonderful mountain villages of Sonogno characterized by traditional stone houses.

Valle Maggia

Valle Maggia – Canton Ticino (Switzerland)

It’s the beautiful valley of the river Maggia. It is characterized by small picturesque villages with traditional stone houses. You can swim in the river and you can find sandy beaches alongside the river. This place is more child friendly than Val Verzasca.


Villa Bozzolo and Arcumeggia -Casalzuigno (Province of Varese)

Situated in a tranquil and green landscape, at 25 minutes by car from Maccagno, Villa Bozzolo is a sumptuous villa that dates back to the 16th century and it’s part of the FAI heritage sites. Decorated in Rococò style, this villa has a huge Italian garden. Some minutes away from villa Bozzolo, there is Arcumeggia, a little village with the first outdoor gallery in Italy. This place gives you the opportunity to experience a trip among the ancient houses and in nature.

Rocca di Angera

Rocca d’Angera – Angera (Province of Varese)

The Rocca d’Angera was the house of the Visconti family from Verbano. It’s a castle on a lakeside hilltop that dominates the southern shores of Lago Maggiore. Inside it is possible to visit the famous doll and toys museum.

San Carlo Borromeo

The colossus of San Carlo Borromeo – Arona (Province of Novara)

The colossus of San Carlo Borromeo is one of the symbols of the Piedmontese lakeside. Erected in honor of San Carlo Borromeo in 1698, the statue is 35 meters high and can be visited in the inside, also. The colossus is situated in a botanical park in the centre of Arona where, in the shade of ancient trees, there are enjoyable picnic areas.


Cardada – Locarno Canton Ticino (Switzerland)

Cardada, named “the pearl of Lake Maggiore”, is situated at 1340 m.s.l.m. It offers you wonderful panoramic views of Lake Maggiore. You can easily reach Cardada by taking the cable car from Locarno. Hiking, Nordic walking, mountain biking, paragliding are some of the activities that you can enjoy there.

Lago Delio

Lago Delio – Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca (Province of Varese)

Lake Delio is an artificial lake located at the base of Mount Borgna. It offers a you wonderful view of Lake Maggiore. Here you can walk in nature, enjoy local food in a mountain restaurant or have a picnic in one of the various picnic spots.

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