6 places to see on Lake Maggiore

Ready to discover Lake Maggiore? Here are 6 places that you can reach by boat starting from Golfo Gabella!

Lake Maggiore is full of beautiful towns and villages that overlook the lake, some of which can only be reached by boat.

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Here are 6 places, both on the Lombard and Piedmontese shores, that you can not miss!

Isola dei Pescatori

Also known as Isola Superiore, it is the smallest of the Borromean Islands, but the only one to be permanently inhabited all year round. Its small square and the narrow and sinuous alleys that branch off along its small surface are characterized by multi-storey houses with long balconies where the fish is dried. The small market with local handicrafts also worth a visit. Thanks to its many restaurants, the island is the ideal place to spend a romantic evening.

Castles of Cannero

Three rocky islets located in front of the village of Cannero Riviera where you can admire the ruins of ancient fortifications dating back to the twelfth and fourteenth centuries. The castles, visible only from the lake, are home to several species of waterfowl such as swans and seagulls. The main fortress, the Vitaliana, is being renovated and will host a museum that will tell the story of the castles through the centuries.


Right in front of Maccagno, on the Piedmontese shore of the lake, stands Cannobio, a picturesque village with ancient history. In this village there are many bars, restaurants, typical shops and every Sunday there is a colorful market that attracts many tourists.
Do not miss the lakeside promenade, with its walk and the polychrome buildings decorated dating back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; and its Lido, a large well-equipped beach awarded the prestigious Blue Flag.


It is the main district of Castelveccana, a Lombard town overlooking the lake and characterized by green landscapes and two beaches with clear water. To guard the village from above there is the Church of Santa Veronica, a small religious building erected on a rocky spur from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake and of the Rocca di Caldè, an ancient defensive fort. You can’t miss an aperitif at sunset in one of the bars overlooking the lake.

Laveno Mombello

One of the main stops on Lake Maggiore, frequented all year round thanks to its marina and the pier that connects the two shore of the lake, offering also the possibility of ferrying cars. A village between lake and mountains thanks to the natural inlet that opens at the center of the village and the mountains that climb behind it. The highest mountain, the Sasso del Ferro with its 1062 meters, can be reached also thanks to suggestive two-seater cable cars, and from its top you can jump with paragliding and hang gliding.


One of the most beautiful and fascinating places on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore. Its historic center of medieval origin is a real open-air museum with many testimonies and architecture of a bygone era.
The Rocca, an ancient fortification owned by the Borromeo family, dominates the village from above, offering a splendid view of the lake and hosting the original Museo della Bambola e del Giocattolo. The lakeside promenade is perfect for those who want to take a walk a few steps from the water and surrounded by large green spaces.

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