Campagnano and Musignano: walking between two villages of Val Veddasca!

Discover Campagnano and Musignano, two villages in Val Veddasca that still retain their ancient charm!

The Val Veddasca, between Maccagno and the Canton Ticino, still preserves a wild and solitary soul where unspoilt nature reigns supreme. In this valley there are also numerous testimonies of the rural prealpine culture that has characterized these mountains since ancient times.

Nowadays many of the villages that dotted this area are abandoned, but among them some villages still retains theirs rural charm with houses characterized by walls with exposed stones and roofs with rocks.

At Golfo Gabella we recommend a visit of Campagnano and Musignano, two villages of Val Veddasca located in the municipality of Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca.


Campagnano is a small village with less than 100 inhabitants and for this reason it is a popular destination for those looking for a place to explore in peace and tranquility. From this village you can also take several paths that connect the high Val Veddasca, Lake Delio and Forcora Pass.

Among the unmissable places we point out:

  • The Belvedere di Campagnano con San Rocco offers a splendid view overlooking Lake Maggiore and its mountains with its 600 meters of altitude.
  • The church of San Martino famous for its sundial of 36 square meters that represents one of the largest solar quadrants in Italy. It was built in 1783 and is characterized by three sundials: one large with the “French” system and two smaller with “Babylonian” and “Italic” system.


From Campagnano you can then go up, by car or through one of the paths in the woods, to Musignano.

This ancient village almost uninhabited has been repopulated in recent years by one of the inhabitants, Fabio Maccario, thanks to its statues made from old chestnut trunks.

Walking through the alleys, courtyards or along the river, you will find many nice wooden figures of men and women representing the few historical inhabitants of the village and the jobs of the past such as the hunter, the old woman who spins the wool or the carpenter.


Photo credits: Varese Focus

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